The following computer science education modules are mandatory for all computer science students who pursue a master's degree of education:

Mandatory CSE modules in the two-subject master CS curriculum

Modulcode Bezeichnung Semester ECTS
Inf-FD-IUG Designing computer science lessons (practical course) WS 3
Inf-FD-Kombi A content and pedagogical-content knowledge perspective on a computer science course (lecture* + course) WS 10*
Inf-FD-LeLeV Pedagogical content knowlege in computer science - advanced (lecture +seminar) SS 5


* The "combi module" is about reprocessing the contents of another computer science lecture (usually Advanced Programming) for educational purposes. Instead of a written exams which concerns only the content knowledge, both content and pedagogical content knowledge are subject to an oral exam. The 10 ECTS reflect the workload of attending the lecture and the educational reprocessing.